Welcome to Loma Vista’s Fourth Annual Fun Run!

Thank you in advance for your generous donation to our school community. Your ongoing support has allowed us to enrich the lives of all of our students by funding programs, activities and supplies that the District is not able to provide. This includes: classroom support of art and other supplies, books, and an annual fieldtrip subsidy amount; and school-wide support of sports and recess equipment, sandbox and toys for the younger students, complete overhaul of our campus library selection, and funds to match grants, which bring additional money into our school.

Locate Your Student!

To locate your student, scroll down and click the ‘donate’ button under the teacher’s name. When you have landed on the correct Team page, enter your donation amount, choose the student you are supporting, and enter your personal and credit card info. Our website is completely safe and secure! Once all of your information has been entered, click ‘Donate Now’ and your payment will be processed. You should receive a donation confirmation email which will double as a tax receipt.

By donating on our website directly, you are helping us to keep an additional 7% of each donation for the students, by cutting out the processing fees of professional pledge websites.

Our school community thanks you for your support!



Team Quirt

Team Tran


Team Bell

Team Garcia

Team Garnica

1st Grade

Team Conde

Team Grimaldo

Team Ruiz

2nd Grade

Team Rodriguez

Team Hendrick

3rd Grade

Team Miller

Team Hoskins

4th Grade

Team Rivera

Team Nunez

5th Grade

Team Galdamez

Team Nunez

6th Grade

Team Boss

Team Gilchriese